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Donald Van de Mark: Good Among the Great Success Traits of Good Leaders

Donald Van de Mark: Good Among the Great Success Traits of Good Leaders
Former CNN and CNBC anchorman and Managing Editor, Donald Van de Mark, has interviewed hundreds of successful leaders in business and politics, including: Jack Welch, Starbucks' Howard Schultz, Intel's Andy Grove, Charles Schwab, Bill Bradley, Body Shop Founder Anita Roddick, best-selling authors such as Stephen Covey, Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra and many more. He offers a multi-media presentation, featuring video of these great leaders, that helps organizations wanting to create positive attitude, personal accountability, leadership skills and team building.

Motivational Speaking Topics:

Your Personal Payoff
Some people are not just successful, they're extraordinary. Moreover, these people share many of the same personality traits. In this presentation you will learn to identify and cultivate three of the same traits: creativity, exuberance, and transcendence. Includes examples from the lives of best-selling author Julia Cameron, former GE CEO Jack Welch, polar explorer Ann Bancroft, and other leaders.

Interacting Effectively
Great leaders in every field share three key personality characteristics that help them interact effectively with others; they're egalitarian, empathic, and dutiful. Discover how you can develop these leadership traits and lead your team to achieve more success. Includes examples and exclusive motivational video clips.

Assessing the World Clearly and Efficiently
Recognize and develop traits of the most admirable, creative,and joyous people. Full of first hand accounts of leaders from many fields, Donald will show you how to perceive others and circumstances more clearly and make better choices. See how to become more experiential, realistic, and detached. Also find out how to value the process of your work as much as your performance. This is a great speech for creating accountability.

Developing a True, Whole Self
Become a more admirable, creative, and joyous person. You'll not only learn how to reach your goals, you will also discover how to "delight in the doing." With video clips of exclusive interviews with leaders such as holistic medicine pioneer Dr. Andrew Weil, advertising legend Shelly Lazarus, former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley, and more.

Donald Van de Mark is also the author of,The Good Among the Great which profiles the best andmotivational speaker Donald Van de Mark brightest leaders Donald has interviewed in his over twenty years as a broadcast journalist at CNN,CNBC and PBS. The book weaves the successful traits of good leaders with pioneering psychologist Abraham Maslow's research into individuals with exceptionally healthy and happy psyches.

Van de Mark co-founded baby boomer website MyPrimeTime. While overseeing editorial content, Van de Mark wrote and anchored two television series, "Great Entrepreneurs" and "Great Leaders," both of which appeared on PBS. Prior to MyprimeTime, he served as the anchor of "Moneyweek" on CNN, "Street Sweep", "Biz Buzz", and "Entrepreneurs Only" on the CNNfn TV network.

Van de Mark also worked as the director of corporate communications for QVC, serving as deputy to chairman and CEO Barry Diller during the period that QVC attempted takeovers of Paramount Communications and CBS. Prior to his time at QVC, Van de Mark spent nearly 10 years as a business and political news reporter in Washington, D.C.

Donald was raised in Toronto and New England and holds a B.A. in political science from Tufts University.

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"We at ASTDNY were very happy at the quality of your presentation and the content. I know you were surrounded by many of our members after the presentation who expressed their enthusiasm for the topic. But what you didn't know was the level of impact on many others in the room who spoke with me and other board members. The subject matter hit our members on a very personal level and several confided in me of their emotional triumphs of success, despite dysfunctional family backgrounds, impoverished conditions, or lack of self esteem.

As I mentioned in my closing remarks that night, this kind of program is a new area for us at ASTDNY. It is the "Development" portion of T&D. After your speech, we now know how important this is to our members." Lance Tukell, President,American Society of Training & Development - NY Metro Chapter

"This was by far the best presentation I have seen at Walmart." Nazil Ayub, Site Merchandising Coordinator,

"I thought your presentation was excellent . . . The attributes you mentioned are right on point and lead me to consider things differently in my daily life." Hugh W. Nevin, Jr., Director, Cohen & Grigsby, PC

"Thank you for providing us with such a well done, smart, entertaining presentation. I learned so much from you presenting the Top 4 Character Traits of Highly Successful People." Rainey Gray-Gross, Sales & Production Manager, Union Trust Mortgage Services

For organizations on a tight budget, Donald interviews top business leaders such as Richard Branson and Jack Welch on key leadership skills in the leadership training video,The Wisdom of Caring Leaders. This training video is available for streaming or as a DVD.

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