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Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management E-Learning Video Course

Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management E-Learning Video Course
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Product Description

Demo of Entrepreneurship Management E Learning Video Course Course: 1 Module

Under each skill you will see a link to various media for learning. (video,quiz and articles).

Click on the following links to experience the module on Attitude and it's role in building morale and a great team:

  • Watch the video on Attitude,
  • Take a quiz,
  • Read articles

  • Ten-module Entrepreneurship Leadership e-learning Concepts with Great Entrepreneurs and Coaches:

    1. How to find great ideas that will help you beat the competition and innovate faster (Intel co-founder Andy Grove)
    2. Change a behavior that is holding you back or getting in the way of your company's progress(Marshall Goldsmith)
    3. How to empower your team in good times and bad times(AOL co-founder Steve Case)
    4. How to sell to big companies
    5. How to get in the door to land a big sale
    6. How to influence people to raise money, hire top talent,etc.(Stephen Covey)
    7. How to create the right work environment to keep top talent
    8. How to communicate to build trust and confidence
    9. How to manage your time effectively
    10. Stress reduction techniques

    Entrepreneurship Leadership Online Training at Your Own Pace

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    Often these types of management trainings are only available to large companies or they take hours to complete. Yet, so many small businesses and entrepreneurs need management and leadership skills to stay competitive,innovate and survive. This is one thing you can't wing!

    This Entrepreneurship E-learning course is designed so that you can choose a skill you'd like to learn or improve. You can take as little as 10 to 15 minutes per skill or take the whole course and come back in for refreshers. Do this on your own schedule. As long as you have a high-speed internet connection, you can do this at any time you choose.

    Also, teachers and consultants can use this entrepreneurship management course as part of a blended learning course.

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