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Give 'em the Pickle Customer Service Video

Give 'em the Pickle Customer Service Video
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Product Description

customer service videosGive 'em the PICKLE Customer Service Training Video, the bestselling customer service video of the decade!

Program Key Learning Points:

  • Service: Make serving others your #1 Priority. You work in a noble profession, be proud of what you do.
  • Attitude: Choose your Attitude.How you think about your customers, is how you will treat them.
  • Consistency: Set high standards, and stick to them. Customers return because they like what happened last time.
  • Teamwork: Look for ways to make each other look good. In the end, everything ends up in front of the customer!

  • Bob Farrell inspires and motivates with real life stories, often humorous, that demonstrate how consistency, teamwork, attitude and service can make all the difference in any organization.

    Kick-off meetings, sales meetings, meeting openers, customer service training workshops with the customer service sales video training, Give Them the Pickle. Improve the level of customer service to positively impact the bottom line by creating, and maintaining, a loyal customer base.

    Your business is not what you sell, it's who you serve. So...Give`em the PICKLE!

    PICKLES are those special or extra things you do to make people happy. It's a hand written thank you note with every order shipped. It's walking the customer to the item they're looking for rather than pointing... or maybe it's simply calling them by name. The trick is figuring out what your customers want and then making sure they get it. That's the message behind the Give em the PICKLE! retailing management training video.

    Highly entertaining and motivational, the Give 'em the PICKLE! customer service training video will inspire management and employees to do the most important thing they can do in business...take care of the customer.
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    Give 'Em the Pickle Video Training Course Package Includes

  • 1 Give 'em the PICKLE! 20 minute customer service video
  • 1 Give 'em the Pickle! Hardback Book
  • 10 Give 'em the Pickle! video Pocket Cards
  • 10 Green Pickle Lapel Pins
  • 1 Pickle Jar Sticky Note Pad
  • 1 Pickle Sticky Note Pad
  • 1 Give 'em the Pickle! video PowerPoint Presentation
  • 1 58 page Leader's Guide on CD-Rom w/ Handouts

  • Also available in the following languages: Cantonese, Danish (subtitle), English, French Canadian, Greek (subtitle), Hebrew (subtitles), Portuguese (subtitle), Simplified Chinese (subtitle), Spanish, Swedish (subtitle), Traditional Chinese (subtitle)


    "It is easy to see why 'Give 'em the Pickle!' is the number one training video. We routinely preview this film in our initial presentation to clients and it is a 100% sell! Everyone loves it! Bob Farrell's fundamental truth of 'being in business to take care of the customer' hits a chord with companies that may have lost sight of who really runs their business: the customer." Darlene Temple - President, OnTrak Training Inc.

    "The Give 'em the Pickle video is fantastic! We have incorporated it into our new co-worker customer service orientation program and the participants love it. It covers all of the key learning points we have been teaching in class, but in a much more entertaining and engaging way. Managers are now checking out the video to show their current staff. We now need a second copy!" Felecia Creed - St. John's Health System

    Give 'em the PICKLE! retail management DVD video training is full of stories and personal anecdotes. Bob Farrell talks about what he knows with high energy, humor, and passion. Employees in any customer service industry will benefit from this program. And, front-line managers will find the meeting-in-a-box a straightforward and easy way to offer solid customer service training to their employees...