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Howard Schultz : Winning & Reinvention with Ray Kroc DVD

Howard Schultz : Winning & Reinvention with Ray Kroc DVD
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Product Description

This motivational leadership DVD video features a profile and interview with two great retailing legends,Howard Schultz as well as Mc Donald's Ray Kroc. Howard Schultz motivational leadership skills and Ray Kroc's leadership and business survival skills are explored. These successful entrepreneurs in retailing discuss reinvention, competition, customer service,business survival, innovation and other leadership skills.

Howard Schultz leadership skills and Ray Kroc business survival skills.

Have you and your team been working at something for a long time and you are thinking of giving up? Have you thought of a great idea and seen someone else make it happen? How do you compete and win? Howard Schultz leadership skills and Ray Kroc's survival skills are explored in this motivational DVD.

Schultz, a retailing genius, was rejected for a year from his dream job but he persisted and finally wound up running Starbucks. His pillars of success rested on taking care of employees while creating an environment of happy customers. Still,there were plenty of obstacles along the way. Kroc was a high school drop out, divorced and a middle-aged salesman when he discovered McDonalds but he grew that company by empowering franchisees and systematizing production.

Also,we feature two other winners: Dennis Conner, the serial America's Cup Champion, shares his formula for winning and team building success. Stephen Covey, the best-selling author of The 7 Habits of Effective People, will get you focused on choices, reinvention and what is the most important win in your life!

Learn the secrets to winning. Watch this motivational leadership DVD and be inspired.

Total running time: 30:15 minutes.


"As an entrepreneur, I found this DVD incredibly helpful. There were times when I wanted to give up or thought I was crazy to pursue my dream. Not anymore. Thank you." Bill Shaw, Florida

"I found this helpful not only for me as a business person and pursuing my own dreams, but also in building the team that will help our company succeed." Lisa Lo,North Carolina