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Larry Lipman Fun Team Building Coach

Larry Lipman Fun Team Building Coach
Have you ever worked with teams where the people are:

*Blamers * Stressed Out *Burned Out * Whiners *Stubborn *Hard-heads *Not Working Together *Back Stabbers *Complainers *Unmotivated *Negative Thinkers *Resistant to Change * Overwhelmed *Not Communicating * Rumor Spreaders

There IS hope.

Larry Lipman is a certified trainer and Success Coach. He is a team building specialist who works with small, medium, and large companies, corporations, teachers, educators, hospitals, lawyers, organizations, clubs --- any group that wants to:

*increase its personal and professional growth *take its team to the next level *learn excellent communication skills *handle change *improve leadership skills *build trust *take home some valuable life skills for both work and home *have a blast

fun team building coach

Participate in fun and energizing team building activities that turbo-charge morale, create respect, and build trust.

  • Improve our communication skills to promote harmonious ways to handle upsets and conflict.
  • Discover a minimum of two brand new things about ourselves and our co-workers.
  • Have a blast!
  • Learn the Top 10 Ways to Motivate and Success Coach our TEAM.
  • Communicate up to 30% more effectively by understanding learning styles and adapting effective communication skills.
  • Realize and appreciate each other's differences and potential.
  • Merge together as a TEAM through Trust building activities.
  • Learn all about corporate team building and team motivation from a team building success coach.

  • Please tell us about your team building coaching needs and we'll help craft a tailored made fun team building course for you.

    Call us at(212)721-0910 or Email us to book Larry Lipman.

    Larry is a Member: American Society for Training and Development, National Parenting Instructors Association, Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development, Character Education Network, North American Simulation and Gaming Association, Mentoring Leadership Network, Association for Experiential Education, International Alliance for Learning, Association for Challenge Course Technology, and International Association of Facilitators

    Some of Larry's favorite sayings:

  • Happiness is a choice.
  • Attitude is a choice.
  • I want to be the type of dog thinks I am.
  • Pain is wisdom in disguise.
  • train others how to treat you by how you treat yourself.
  • This, too, shall pass.
  • HEALTH is when your past is no longer screwing up your present.
  • It is more important to be kind than to be right.
  • Forgive someone who doesn’t deserve it.
  • Giving is receiving.