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Leadership Change Management E Learning Video Training Course - 6 Modules

Leadership Change Management E Learning Video Training Course - 6 Modules
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Leadership Change Management E Learning Video Course:

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Leading through Change:

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Andy Grove Video (2:17 mins.)
  • Quiz
  • Articles
  • Managing Uncontrollable Change

    Steve Case Video (1:50 mins.)
  • Quiz
  • Articles
  • Making Positive Behavior Change:

    Marshall Goldsmith Video (1:15 mins.)
  • Quiz
  • Behavior Change Articles

  • Jim Clark Video (2:15 mins.)
    Key Benefits  

    Participants will learn to:

  • Create solutions to change
  • Make personal behavior change to succeed with increased responsibilities
  • Effectively communicate vision and buffer teams facing change
  • Expand influence with others
  • Create a vision for change
  • Face into change instead of fearing it
  • Time Saving Benefits:

  • Pre-learning to an in-classroom training on change management.
  • Busy managers and executives can take this whenever they want.
  • Provides just-in-time learning for a single concept on change management or take the entire course during one sitting.
  • The tutors are well-known leaders who show how they led through change
  • Quiz
  • Behavior Change Articles
  • Visualizing Benefits and Feeling Change:

    Dennis Barsema Video (1:27 mins.)
  • Quiz
  • Remove Mental Blocks Articles

  • Marshall Goldsmith Video (3:40 mins.)
  • Quiz
  • Change Perception Articles

  • Karlene Sugarman Video (1:20 mins.)
  • Quiz
  • Achieving Goals Articles
  • Become a Change Catalyst:

    Stephen Covey Video (2:55 mins)
  • Quiz
  • Change Catalyst Articles

  • Stephen Covey Video (1:44 mins.)
  • Quiz
  • Making Wise Choices Articles
  • Making a Difference:

    Make a Difference Video (2:17 mins) Changing Life Path Video (2:25 mins)
  • Quiz
  • Passionate Change Articles

  • Participants learn from: Intel's co-founder, Andy Grove, who teaches about taking risks and facing change; AOL's founder, Steve Case, shows how to effectively communicate and manage teams through good and bad change. Maintaining focus and positive behavioral change is taught by Marshall Goldsmith. And, Stephen Covey teaches how to become a catalyst for change personally and professionally.