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Ivory Dorsey: Change & Diversity

Ivory Dorsey: Change & Diversity
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Ivory Dorsey is an inspirational speaker for today's changing times who understands the workplace from the outside in. Her expertise is in : Change, Diversity, Leadership, Motivation, Sales, Competition.

Watch this Ivory Dorsey Video on risk taking.

She writes the following about change and it's effect on sales: To generate great sales, you have to have that combination of confidence, humility, while assuming success.

Chaos, by its very nature implies unpredictability. Real sales professionals eat chaos for breakfast. Think about it, if things were predictable and stable, there probably would not be available opportunity. Clients would be comfortably committed to their existing sales professional as well as their existing systems. There would be no need for change. Most salespeople would be in a “maintenance mode.” This is a breeding ground for “order takers.” It is also very much in the past.

Factors that contribute to comfort in the midst of chaos:

1. Confidence. You must first be confident in your abilities as a person. An unstable person makes an unstable sales person. Pride yourself in every little success. Create opportunities during the day to achieve something, anything. This goes into your psychic bank of confidence.

Once you are confident as a person, you must become confident in your company. You must believe that not only is your company the best one providing your product or service, you must also believe that part of the reason your company is the best is because you are there.

The next level of confidence comes with your confidence in your product or service. This starts with knowledge of the product and its potential applications or uses. This is needed to allow flexibility of presentation and comfort during the closing process. The potential for rejection is always at hand — you must be prepared to alter, expand or even abandon your plan. Knowledge of the product is critical to the effectiveness of this. Risks and rewards are dynamic and you must be ready to accept both.

Blending the above with an ambiguous marketplace requires an unyielding belief in yourself and your ability to roll with the punches.

2. Humility. The inability to remain humble in the midst of confidence sets you up for failure. You won’t be willing to admit you are wrong and as a result, you won’t be able to “self correct.” Humility also helps the client to understand that it is OK to be uncertain — it is not OK to be indecisive. With confidence and humility, you lead the customer to the proper product and make him or her aware that indecision is, in fact, a decision. Empathy and humility are indispensable.

3. Organization. Nothing is more unsettling during a delicate presentation than for a sales professional to appear disorganized. In many cases, the customer’s biggest fear is that he or she will make a mistake. Customers trust the sales professional to lead them into the unknown. Disorganization on the part of the sales professionals causes a loss of confidence in your customers.

Disorganization contributes to the fear in the customer. While you may or may not always have the right solution, there is no excuse for fumbling and digging. Know what is in your briefcase even if what you need is not there. You must appear calm in the midst of chaos. Take a lesson from the duck — remain cool on the surface while you paddle underneath.

4. Attitude. Your attitude sets the tone for your performance in general and in the presence of the customer in particular. The first step of any sale is to “assume the sale.” This means that your attitude must reflect your intentions. Exercise your body to enhance your energy level, read, anticipate and by all means expect to close for something. You will usually get what you prepare for. If you prepare for “nothing,” you will not be disappointed.

5. Opportunity. Know that what you expect and what you find could be different. Expect surprises, opposition and success. Encourage the client to share his or her satisfaction or dissatisfaction with you. If the client is happy, ask him or her to share the wealth with others in the form of referrals. Remember, “You have not because you ask not.” Remember to always prospect without ceasing. Think, look and listen for unsuspected opportunity.

6. Sell with “soft skills.” Why soft skills? Sometimes the truth is bitter. Castor oil enhanced by juice is still castor oil — however, it goes down better and it’s good for the body. All of the news you share with the customer may not be good, but it is necessary. That is why you are in this profession — to deliver reality in a way that is palatable. No one buys simply because salespeople show up. They buy because the salesperson has the skill to merge customer needs with what the salesperson is selling. Moving the customer from where he or she is to where he or she needs to be, requires persuasion. Selling is a well crafted persuasive conversation. While the steps of the sale have not changed, merging those steps with the power of soft skills makes them fluent.

Remember, people make emotional decisions and back them up with facts. Navigating through the emotions of fear and the separation from comfort into the journey of discomfort and the unknown requires the application of sales skills and soft skills. Know this and sell through the chaos.

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