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Consumer Engagement Trends in Health Care Keynote Speech

Consumer Engagement Trends in Health Care Keynote Speech
For Immediate Release:

May 7, 2012

Increasing Consumer Engagement in Health Care

Health care is expected to be a hot-button issue this year as more and more people use social media to connect and share information about their health care needs. The increasing speed with which people find and use this information is the topic of PRISM 1st Annual Client Summit keynote speech with Craig Forman on May 9th in Plano, Texas.

Forman has led digital media and mobile consumer engagement initiatives for over two decades at companies such as Earthlink,Yahoo!, the Wall Street Journal and mobile start ups such as Where, recently purchased by eBay and Appia.

He said, "In my experience with companies that have touched more than a quarter of a billion consumers, the best companies are the ones that realize they need to save their customers time, money and provide technology to make their lives better."

Prism Services Group has been at the forefront of providing an integrated platform for health insurers to connect with consumers. It is hosting this conference to bring health care clients together to share industry knowledge, hear perspectives from experts outside the healthcare field and provide feedback on their product road map development.

Mark Menton, Vice-President, PRISM, says, "We are excited to have Craig speak to our clients. We feel his knowledge and expertise will help deliver insight and actionable knowledge that will impact our clients' health plan business."


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